Cheering for the achievements of McLean High School students and staff!

TheatreMcLean nominated for multiple Cappies Awards


Posted on May 16, 2017 by

Congratulations to our Cappies Award nominees for TheatreMcLean’s drama The Children’s Hour and to our Critics Team! These students will be honored at the Kennedy Center Cappies Gala on June 11.

Supporting Actress in a Play: Rachel Kulp
Sound: Jared Jacknow, Emily O’Keefe, Russell Reed
Props: Graydon Al-Khafaji, Anya Chen, Ariana Colder, Emma Mykityshyn
Creativity: Jared Jacknow (Music Composition)

Rising Critic: Helen Ganley
Rising Critic: Katherine Kelly
Rising Critic: Kristen Waagner
Returning Critic: Emily Lachow
Graduating Critic: Jess Scarano
Graduating Critic: Syona Ayyankeril
Critic Team: McLean High School Team

Latin students receive honors


Posted on May 5, 2017 by

The Department of World Languages congratulates the following students who earned gold and silver medals as well as certificates for their success on the 2017 National Latin Exam.

Perfect Score:  Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal and Special Certificate)

Murray, Thomas

Thompson, Sapphira

Summa Cum Laude (Gold Medal)

Chang, June

Chun, Alice

Cooper, Lillian

Detter, Garrett

Dimatulac, Janine

Howley, Caroline

Kulp, Rachel

Lee, Eunkyoon

Liu, Ally

McCarthy, Katherine

Murphy, Ian

Parker, Sydney

Richards, Sophie

Simkin, Shane

Simons, Emily

Sultana, Rosy

Taylor, Kimberly

Tung, Kara

Van Meter, Catherine

Vijayakumar, Nithin

Weston, Jacob

Yoon, Byungjun

Yu, Alexander

Maxima Cum Laude (Silver Medal)

Aten, Jessica

Bravo, Antonio

Cube, Camille

Do, Aaron

Gong, Joseph

Holmes, April

Hur, Yoon

Huric, Inaya

Kwon, Minjung

Liu, Maria

Long, Katelyn

Mykityshyn, Emma

Sohn, Seoyeon

Zhang, Rachael

Magna Cum Laude certificate

Chung, Grace

Cusey, Ava

Cusey, Campbell

D’Aquila, Stephen

Galdo, Paloma

Gardner, Ann

Gartner, Charles

Gartner, David

Harris, Rose

Jun, Jaeson

Kang, Sungmin

Laborde, Natalie

Mitchell, Tara

Nappi, Thomas

Pearce, Alexander

Pearce, Cate

Schwarztrauber, Summer

Stadsklev, Ross

Thorson, Anna

Weinstein, Benjamin

Cum Laude certificate

Deatherage, Jade

Longo, Julia

Marks, Serena

Signori, Lily

McLean’s yearbook wins a Pacemaker


Posted on April 21, 2017 by

McLean’s yearbook and newsmagazine staffs were well represented at the National Scholastic Press Association/Journalism Education Association Convention in Seattle April 6 – 9. In the Yearbook Pacemaker competition, McLean’s yearbook was one of just 35 high school books nationwide to receive the Pacemaker honor. The 2016 Clan is one of just 19 high school yearbooks nationwide to be recognized with both a CSPA Crown and an NSPA Pacemaker this year!

In the Best of Show competition, The Highlander newsmagazine earned second place in the newsmagazine category and The Clan yearbook earned seventh place honors.

McLean’s publications are among the nation’s best! Way to go!

Jonghyun Choe qualifies to participate in the USA Mathematical Olympiad


Posted on April 5, 2017 by

Jonghyun Choe qualified to participate in the 46th annual USA Mathematical Olympiad (USAMO) on April 19-20, based on his performance on the AMC 12 exam and AIME this year. Qualifying for this exam places him among America’s top math students; only 500 students from the tens of thousands of American Mathematics Competitions participants are invited to take the USA(J)MO.

Wish Jonghyun luck when you see him!

Students win state and regional science fair awards


Posted on April 4, 2017 by

June Chang received 2nd place for her project in biochemistry at the state science fair, which took place from March 24-26.

These are the winners from the regional science fair that was held from March 17-19 at Robinson Secondary School.

1st Place:

June Chang – The Effect of Transition Metal Metals on the Bridging of PNA Duplexes
Arianna Safire – The Effect of Arrow Fletching Shape on Arrow Speed
Dev Gnosh – Spreading Implication of Mosquito Arboviruses within VA/MD

2nd Place:

Samanvita Kolachana – The Effect of Curcumin on the Regeneration of Planaria
Andrew Li & Paul Hur – The Effect of the Concentration of Salt on the Boiling Point of Water
Elinor Frothingham & Margaret Laird – The Effect of Different Concentrations of Nanosilver on Duckweed
Abrar Syed & Robert Wegmuller – Can Recycled Bio Fuels Work as Well as Commericial Fuels?
Nischal Dineesh – Designing Affordable Apartments for Low and Middle Income Families
Quin Frew – The Effect of Microplastic Pollution in the Potomac Watershed

3rd Place:

Tori Lam & Paul Fabrycky – The Effect of Music Cadence on Short-Term Memory Retention
Neha Rana Asia Kurtalic – The Effect of Temperature Differential on Electrical Output
Isabel Kim & Dora Wu – Silicone Sealant’s Effect on Hydrophobicity of Homemade Solutions
Milo Stroik – The Effect of Parabolic Reflector on Wifi Sginal Strength
Ethan Li – The Effect of Lens Size on Mobile Phone Microscopy
Mara Kessler – The Effect of Natural and Pharmaceutical Antifungals on the Growth of S. cerevisiae

Honorable Mention:

Caroline Howley – The Effect of pH on Nonheme Iron Absorption
John Mutersbaugh – Trials by Fire
Rebeka Rafi & Jenica Fichadia – An Automatic Fish Feeder