Cheering for the achievements of McLean High School students and staff!

Debate team places third for most debate wins in the area, two members headed to nationals


Posted on March 14, 2014 by

This season, the Debate team was ranked third for having the most debate wins among schools in Maryland, D.C. and Northern Virginia.

The team competed at Metrofinals at Broad Run last weekend, where Jamie Starr and Meredith Harris placed third. Wish them luck as they prepare for the national competition, which will take place in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend.

Congratulations to team sponsor Christina Shin and all of the Debate team members for their hard work this year:

Alexander Karimi and Hussain Jaffery
Maggie Lam and Leni Kagan
Andrea Delgado and Heather Pincus
Meredith Harris and Jamie Starr
Soobin Wang and Mia Chand
Brundha Akkupalli and Tina Chai
Susie Choi and Cynthia McMahan
Abraham Haji
Min Choe and Tanya Yoon
Michelle Ma and Matthew Steelberg
Ellie Allison and Jin Yong (Jeffrey) Yoo
Ashwin Dasgupta and Liam Zeya
Shivani Saboo and Esther Kim
Stephanie Su and Allison Meakem
Annabell Lee and Lilly Lee
Fatima Shahbaz and Jessica Boyer
Melanie Pincus and Anna Osguthorpe
Lucy Zheng
Naomi Jaffe and Aisha Singh
Mary Pottanat and Lucy Zheng
Sam Silverman and Sri Medicherla
Lia Compton and Crystal Cheung

Students take third in Science Olympiad regionals


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The Science Olympiad team received third place in the regional competition. Science Olympiad teams compete in various events in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Sci Oly regional 3rd place 2014

Congratulation to the following Science Olympiad members:

Sunhee Bae

Peter Steele

Alice Choi

Bob Saydahmat

Henry Howe

Harsha Malapati

Hussain Jaffery

Olivia Mooney

Adam Barth

Kaustabh Bose

Ivan Wong

Kyubin Lee

Michael Mutersbaugh

Shivani Saboo

SJ Sridhar

Hal Clark

Eric Tchong

Maggie Holland

Justine Wen

Elizabeth Xu

Highlanders garner top honors in Macdonald Arts Scholarship Competition


Posted on March 7, 2014 by

Six McLean students were finalists in the annual James C. Macdonald Arts Scholarship Competition on Feb. 27 at the McLean Community Center’s Alden Theater. Highlanders took first place in four of the five categories!

Junior Alex Stone received first place in both the theatre and vocal music categories, freshman Sean Yongjoo Lim placed first in the Instrumental Music category for her violin performance, and freshman Xiang “Mia” Yi  was the first place winner in the dance category.  Junior Lily Lord received second place in vocal music, freshman Madeline Walker earned second place in dance, and Jennifer Wang placed third in instrumental music for her piano performance.

, Jennifer Wang,

Sean Yongjoo Lim, Jennifer Wang, Alex Stone, Madeline Walker, Lily Lord and Xiang “Mia” Yi received awards at the Macdonald Arts Scholarship Competition on Feb. 27. (Photo courtesy of Brent and Linda Stone)

Students receive awards at DECA States


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Thirty-three students won awards at DECA States in Virginia Beach last weekend, including three first place awards, which went to Isabel Cooper, Matt Pilsch and Viraj Sunderam. Students or groups who received a “Top 8” award are eligible to attend the International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, while “Top 15” indicates they received a high score on their test or event and are in a runner-up position.

Congratulations to all who competed! Here is the list of award winners:

Individual Events

Erin Calpin                                          Hotel & Lodging Management           Top 8

Isabel Cooper                                     Job Interview                                           1st place

Meg Garland                                       Business Finance                                     Top 15

Joshua Li                                             Automotive Services Marketing        Top 8

Cameron Lombardi                         Principles of Bus, Mgt. & Admin.      Top 8

Matt Pilsch                                          Principles of Finance                             1st place

Mike Robbins                                    Principles of Finance                             Top 15

Viraj Sunderam                                Social Media                                              1st place

Michelle Vaccaro                            Human Resource Management          Top 8

Annie Xie                                            Job Interview                                            2nd place

Team Events

Becky Ross & Sabrina Rozbicki                     Hospitality Services                Top 15

David McCarthy & Eric Wilcox                     Sports & Entertainment          Top 8

Emily McAuliffe & Rachel Wiener                Buying & Merchandising        Top 8

Logan Legg & Amanda Whitfield                 Marketing Communications    Top 8

Manuals/Written Events

Patricia deGuzman, Apiding Osika & Kayla Waysome     Fashion Merchandising Promotion     Top 8

Matt Bielomowicz, Robbie Buttarazzi & Elijah Levine       Entrepreneurship Innovation     Top 15

Matt Livingston, Reid Madison & Malieka Rehman     Entrepreneurship Promotion      Top 8

Hannah Ackleson, Nathan Neri & Mashana Sangdee       International Business Plan      Top 15

Manny Enriquez, Christi Geisler & Kuan Goh     Sports & Entertainment Promotion      2nd place

Olivia Powell recognized by The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards


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Congratulations to freshman Olivia Powell, recipient of an Honorable Mention in The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. Olivia placed in the top 10% of community volunteers in grades 5-12 in the nation. She even received a letter from President Obama for her outstanding efforts. We are happy to have Olivia in our Highlander community!

Olivia Powell is the winner of the Prudential Spirit of Community award. (Photo by Joseph McCullough)

Olivia Powell received an Honorable Mention from The Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, which came with a letter from President Obama. (Photo by Joseph McCullough)

I am extremely proud to announce that McLean has three National Merit Scholarship Finalists and one National Achievement Finalist this year. Our National Merit Scholarship Finalists are seniors Adam R. Barth, Samuel Stone Clayton, and Elena R. Kagan. Our National Achievement Finalist is senior Sarah Biftu Gutema.

Seniors become National Merit Scholarship Finalists, National Achievement Finalist


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Science Fair winners announced


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We had a successful Science Fair on Thursday, Feb. 6, and I am proud to announce the following first place winners:

Student 1
Student 2

Behavioral & Social













Energy & Transportation



Energy & Transportation


Energy & Transportation


Engineering: E&M


Engineering: E&M


Environmental Science



Environmental Science


Mathematical Sciences



Medicine & Health


Medicine & Health


Esteban Baus




Physics & Astronomy


Physics & Astronomy



Physics & Astronomy


Physics & Astronomy


Plant Sciences


Plant Sciences



Plant Sciences


Plant Sciences