Cheering for the achievements of McLean High School students and staff!

The McLean High School Theatre Company (MTC) earned three awards at the 15th Annual Cappies Gala conducted in the Kennedy Center’s Concert Hall, Sunday June 8. The Cappies, “Critics and Awards Program,” is a program through which high school theatre and journalism students are trained as critics, attend shows at other schools, write reviews, and publish those reviews in local media. At the end of the […]

McLean Theatre Company wins three Cappies at Kennedy Center gala


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World languages students earn scholarships


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Amanda Jaffray was awarded the Anastasia Stewart Chunilal Foreign Language Scholarship, which is offered by a McLean alum to encourage the study of foreign languages.


Zachary Spahr received the Nancy Lancaster Lindjord Memorial Scholarship for foreign language.


Spanish students awarded scholarships


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The Raudenbush family generously awards scholarships for every level of Spanish at MHS (Spanish 1–4 and AP). This year’s recipients are Autumn Brenner, Caroline Lewis, Yessoo Yoon, Michelle Vacarro, and Meg Garland.

Seniors receive French scholarships


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The Michèle Shoemaker-Liebel Scholarships commend students who have excelled in French (the Academic Excellence award) and those who have demonstrated a love and enthusiasm for French language and culture (the Love of French award). It is named in honor of Michèle Shoemaker-Liebel, a McLean resident and French native who taught and tutored French to elementary and high school students in the McLean area before her passing in 2005.

This year’s Academic Excellence award went to Erika Stadsklev, while Jennifer Horowitz and Zachary Spahr received the Love of French awards.


The scholarship recipients are pictured with Bob and Anne Jansen, who present the awards in honor of Anne’s mother.