McLean artists earn Regional Scholastic Art Awards


Posted on January 25, 2017 by

Congratulations to all of our Regional Scholastic Art Award winners!

Gold Key Winners:

Calen Chung                        Comic Art            Triteville

Christian Flocos                 Sculpture             Exhaustion

Rose Harris                         Ceramics              Three Cups Of Tea

Kaia Johnson                      Sculpture             Morphology

Avery Kang                          Painting                Studio Interior

Seijung Kim                        Drawing                Unscrambled

Jared Lampal                     Art Portfolio       Pages of History

Katherine Ohlson            Art Portfolio       People from Life

Dana Peters                        Photography      Silenced

Nadya Steare                      Drawing               Mau and Iwiw

Silver Key Winners:

Kate Haas                            Photography      Lost In Dreams

Kaia Johnson                      Sculpture             Chinese Takeout

Margaret Kim                    Art Portfolio       Manifest Destiny

Dagmar Smith                    Comic Art            Elena, Trash…

Dagmar Smith                    Painting                Ginger Spirit

Evangeline Zarpas            Photography      City Dweller

Honorable Mentions:

Anya Chen                          Sculpture             Consumption of an Idea

Calen Chung                       Painting                Fish Market

Rose Harris                         Ceramics              Lost Souls: The Forgotten

Margaret Kim                    Painting                Trials and Trails

Margaret Kim                    Painting                Galactic Harvest

Katherine Ohlson             Sculpture             Witch Girl (Stop Motion)

Katherine Ohlson             Digital Art            Heart

Nadya Steare                     Drawing                 Pyaar

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