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Spanish students awarded scholarships


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The Raudenbush family generously awards scholarships for every level of Spanish at MHS (Spanish 1–4 and AP). This year’s recipients are Autumn Brenner, Caroline Lewis, Yessoo Yoon, Michelle Vacarro, and Meg Garland.

Seniors receive French scholarships


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The Michèle Shoemaker-Liebel Scholarships commend students who have excelled in French (the Academic Excellence award) and those who have demonstrated a love and enthusiasm for French language and culture (the Love of French award). It is named in honor of Michèle Shoemaker-Liebel, a McLean resident and French native who taught and tutored French to elementary and high school students in the McLean area before her passing in 2005.

This year’s Academic Excellence award went to Erika Stadsklev, while Jennifer Horowitz and Zachary Spahr received the Love of French awards.


The scholarship recipients are pictured with Bob and Anne Jansen, who present the awards in honor of Anne’s mother.

Cami Prock wins WRTC scholarship


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Cami Prock

Cami Prock won a scholarship from the Washington Regional Transplant Community (WRTC) for her essay on the importance of organ donation. WRTC recovers organ, eye, and tissue donations for transplants and research. Great work, Cami!

Junior girls receive AAUW awards


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Junior girls

Congratulations to the recipients of the AAUW (American Association of University Women) Awards for Junior Girls. Eliza Price was honored for excellence in math, while Hye In (Lauren) Yeom’s award was for excellence in science.

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Welcome back from Atlanta, DECA members! These dedicated students made it all the way to the national level of competition, and they had a wonderful experience attending this professional conference with more than 15,000 other attendees from around the world. With their commendable dedication and professionalism, they did a great job of representing McLean.

DECA members return from national competition


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Students represent McLean at Global Awareness Technology Project Fair


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Freshman Lili Letasi won an honorable mention last night for her project in the Geographic Impact category at the FCPS Global Awareness Technology Project (GATP) Fair, which invites ESOL students to present about various world issues. Lili’s topic was the impact of climate change on her small country of Tuvalu.

Lili Letasi displays her poster at the GATP Fair.

Lili Letasi exhibits her project at the GATP Fair.

Freshman Ragad Alghoraibi also represented McLean, in the category of Change Over Time. Her excellent project was the transformation of canonical government to direct democracy in Switzerland.

Ragad Alghoraibi displays her poster at the GATP Fair.

Ragad Alghoraibi displays her poster at the GATP Fair.

They were very impressive among the many high schools participating at Chantilly High School.