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Students receive awards at DECA States


Posted on March 6, 2014 by

Thirty-three students won awards at DECA States in Virginia Beach last weekend, including three first place awards, which went to Isabel Cooper, Matt Pilsch and Viraj Sunderam. Students or groups who received a “Top 8” award are eligible to attend the International Career Development Conference in Atlanta, while “Top 15” indicates they received a high score on their test or event and are in a runner-up position.

Congratulations to all who competed! Here is the list of award winners:

Individual Events

Erin Calpin                                          Hotel & Lodging Management           Top 8

Isabel Cooper                                     Job Interview                                           1st place

Meg Garland                                       Business Finance                                     Top 15

Joshua Li                                             Automotive Services Marketing        Top 8

Cameron Lombardi                         Principles of Bus, Mgt. & Admin.      Top 8

Matt Pilsch                                          Principles of Finance                             1st place

Mike Robbins                                    Principles of Finance                             Top 15

Viraj Sunderam                                Social Media                                              1st place

Michelle Vaccaro                            Human Resource Management          Top 8

Annie Xie                                            Job Interview                                            2nd place

Team Events

Becky Ross & Sabrina Rozbicki                     Hospitality Services                Top 15

David McCarthy & Eric Wilcox                     Sports & Entertainment          Top 8

Emily McAuliffe & Rachel Wiener                Buying & Merchandising        Top 8

Logan Legg & Amanda Whitfield                 Marketing Communications    Top 8

Manuals/Written Events

Patricia deGuzman, Apiding Osika & Kayla Waysome     Fashion Merchandising Promotion     Top 8

Matt Bielomowicz, Robbie Buttarazzi & Elijah Levine       Entrepreneurship Innovation     Top 15

Matt Livingston, Reid Madison & Malieka Rehman     Entrepreneurship Promotion      Top 8

Hannah Ackleson, Nathan Neri & Mashana Sangdee       International Business Plan      Top 15

Manny Enriquez, Christi Geisler & Kuan Goh     Sports & Entertainment Promotion      2nd place

DECA students head to state competition, volunteer to help food bank


Posted on November 12, 2013 by

Between sponsoring the Pink Hair for Hope program that raised money for breast cancer awareness last month and various fundraisers, DECA has been busy this year!

At the district competition, 31 DECA students qualified to compete at the state level. Be sure to congratulate these students when you see them!

First Place Winners

Isabel Cooper                         Job Interview

Viraj Sunderam                     Social Media

Ian Tansill                               Selling

Cameron Lombardi             Principles of Business Management

Matt Pilsch                              Principles of Finance

Apiding Osika                         Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

Kathryn Howley                    Principles of Marketing

Meachan O’Reilly                 Apparel & Accessories

Meg Garland                           Business Finance

Michelle Vaccaro                    Human Resources Management

Brandon Carraway                  Restaurant & Food Service Marketing

Sonali Prabhu                          Quick Service Restaurant Marketing

Second Place Winners

Jack Slade                                 Job Interview

Natalia Gochez                       Social Media Marketing

Henry Ahn                              Principles of Business Management

Mike Robbins                         Principles of Finance

Anna Lindquist                       Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

Joshua Li                                  Automotive Services Marketing

Kayla Waysome                    Human Resources Management

Emma Crowers                      Retail Merchandising

Third Place Winners

Zaid Salameh                          Job Interview

Amir McCormick                   Social Media Marketing

Jenna Lebowitz                       Selling

Michael Petrosinelli              Principles of Business Management

Claire Gray                                Principles of Hospitality & Tourism

Sarah Raymond                      Principles of Marketing

Arsham Zamani                      Automotive Services

Aceile Hammad                      Business Services Marketing

Ryan Waugh                            Food Marketing

Matthew Hanusik                  Retail Merchandising

Erin Calpin                              Hotel & Lodging Marketing

Photo courtesy of Deb Fargo

Photo courtesy of Deb Fargo

DECA students have also been helping out around the community. Members recently helped the Boy Scouts with their Scouting for Food drive by sorting donations for the local food bank.

Photo courtesy of Deb Fargo

Photo courtesy of Deb Fargo